The Regulatory Council

The wines of the DO Montsant are governed by the Regulatory council or body. This body is made up of representatives of the wine World: vine-growers, winery owners and also the public sector. Their mission is to guarantee the quality and also the typicity of the wines of the region. On 5th November, 2001, the “Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya” (Catalan Autonomous Government Oficial Bulletin) published the specific rules which all wines have to follow in order to be classed within the D.O Montsant. These rules were up-dated and published in the DOGC (Official Catalan Autonomous region Bulletin) on 28th June, 2005 and are currently still valid. 

All Montsant wines are monitored from when they start life in the vineyard to their final bottling and sale. The wines are regularly analysed (in the lab and also in tastings) in order to guarantee their quality as a DO Montsant wine. The final analysis and tasting is carried out by a team of tasters who certify the quality of the wines in order to assure customers that they will enjoy a consistently great Montsant wine. 


Pilar Just (Presidenta), Daniel Munté, Ricardo Rull, Marcel Ferré, Ivan Sales, Josep Maria Bargalló, Joan Asens, Carles Escolar, Patri Morillo, Xavier Canals and two members of DAAM and INCAVI.

- Frederic Cortés.


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