Quality and Future

In order to evaluate the quality and future of a young wine appellation such as Montsant, one needs only to consult the top international specialist magazines, published over the last ten years, since the D.O was established.

The prestigious Peñín Guide states clearly that “the quality of Montsant wines, coupled with their reasonable prices, make this region an excellent alternative.” Similarly in the United States, Wine&Spirts magazine spoke of the potential of the wine appellation: “Montsant is a winemaking area which could become well-known for its exceptional wines”.

Wine Spectator, one of the most authoritative publications called it a “great discovery”. The Wine Review continued by adding: “in the case of the D.O. Montsant, if we add its excellent prices to that of the quality of its wines, we could say that without a doubt, they are a great find.” The Seattle Times spoke of the Montsant as “on the up” and The Mediterranean Food Magazine emphasised the fact that it is “a young and enterprising wine appellation”.

It is not by chance, that this potential which some experts have spoken about is today showing its fruits. Montsant wines have spearheaded some of the most important national and international wine guides. The best red and sweet wines, according to the Catalonian Wine Guide are being made in D.O. Montsant. Spain’s most renowned wine critic, José Peñín puts two Montsants in his category of exceptional wines. Robert Parker, the world wine guru has regularly put Montsant wines in the first places of his annual wine ratings...

But, over and above these amazing accolades, one of the Montsant member wineries’ greatest achievements is the wide range of wines which are to be found in the good and very good wine categories. This is a true acknowledgement of the constant effort of the wineries to make quality wines and on a regular basis, which is even more laudable.

Their excellent value for money has convinced more and more international consumers, leading to incredible increases in wine sales in Europe, America and Asia. The main countries to which these wines are exported are Germany, United States, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The D.O. Montsant sells its wines to over thirty countries around the globe.