History and Tradition

From the beginning of history, the lands that make up the D.O. Montsant  have been influenced by human activity, while at the same time always respecting its natural environment. One can even say it has been sensitive to the spiritual environment, as the Montsant mountain range has been and to a certain extent still is a place of refuge for all those who see the importance of cultivating the spiritual dimension of their individual lives. Such are the hermits who, in honour of the mountain range’s name, have inhabited the heights since the twelfth century.

The Romans made wines in these lands, the Carthusian monks promoted grape growing throughout the county and in the nineteenth century, the wines of            Montsant attained accolades in universal exhibitions all around the world.

The D.O. Montsant is a land where, for centuries, its natural environment and  its wines have  been intricately linked and where the old vines, cared for as if they were real treasures, are the veritable pillars of the region’s history. The protagonists of this history in the making are now enthusiastically looking forward to a new future.