"The Montsant mountain range has been and to a certain extent still is a place of refuge for all those who see the importance of cultivating a spiritual dimension in their lives.”

"The D.O. Montsant wine appellation encompasses a land where, for many centuries, the surrounding countryside has blended seamlessly with growing grapes and where even the old vines, cared for as if they were real treasures, are the veritable pillars of the region’s history.”

"We understand the region’s landscape to be part of the region’s identity and cultural value. It is made up of a rich heritage which is the foundation of our eminently agricultural-based community."

"Garnatxa (Grenache) and Carinyena (Carignan), the native grape varieties of Montsant, are the essence of its wines. They define itsterroir and its character”.

"Here at the D.O. Montsant (wine appellation), we believe that youth, if it has a solid traditional base, is synonymous with the future as well as with new ideas."